Post 2: Why I Made This Blog

Hey guys! So truth be told, what really catalyzed my making of this blog wasn’t a self-driven desire to share with the world “my adventures as an aspiring analyst!” (Ugh, so cliché, I know…). My REU internship is requiring students to document their experiences weekly in the format of a blog, which is an idea I’ve become quite excited about recently.

In the past, I’ve always held the idea of blogging quite cynically. There is a sea of blogs out there, and the average person might follow a handful of them, if any at all. The domination of social media and curated news, at least in my experience, has given me little incentive to keep up with any blogs. (To be fair, there is also an ocean of social media from which a person can only sip from!)

But that’s not to say blogs don’t hold merit to them. When I think of blogs, I always think of the movie, Julie and Julia, where the main character, an aspiring chef, begins her own food blog, which conveniently becomes wildly popular. My impression from blogs, both from movies and personal experiences, is that they can be pleasantly personal, as it is content that is mostly controlled by an individual. And a blog doesn’t have to have thousands of daily visitors to give it merit.

This blog of mine will likely be seen by very, very few people, but that’s not going to stop me from putting a little effort into it! At the very least, I’ll have something for my future self to look back upon (Again, cliché! Sorry!).

But until next time, keep it real.

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